QuBAS Cloud bioassay software brings the world of biostatistics into the cloud computing age. With no need for traditional installation and validation, you can access QuBAS’ unique suite of world-leading features for bioassay and ELISA statistics faster than ever before.

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Rapid installation and validation

With QuBAS Cloud bioassay software, you can go from PO to GMP in hours. QuBAS Cloud is installed and validated on servers maintained by Quantics. Traditional installation and validation is not required: we’ll handle it for you!

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Always stress free

Bioassay software can come with sizeable IT and QA burdens. QuBAS Cloud reduces these burdens to near-zero. Hosting and maintenance is managed by Quantics, so all you need to do is sign-in!

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Complete data security

QuBAS Cloud bioassay software is hosted on single-tenant cloud servers. Each company connects directly to a personalised instance of QuBAS via an IP whitelist, offering first-class security while providing seamless access to everything QuBAS has to offer.

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Everything great about QuBAS at your fingertips

The easiest bioassay software package just got easier! QuBAS Cloud bioassay software brings the powerful, user-friendly features of QuBAS to you faster than ever. The industry-leading flexibility of the Developer room gives you the freedom to play with your data free from restrictive workflows, while the unique CrtVᵀᴹ provides 100% QC in real time.

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Do I have to validate QuBAS Cloud?


QuBAS Cloud does not require any validation at installation. Its unique CrtVᵀᴹ system means that each and every calculation is checked and validated in normal use, in real-time, all the time. You can find out more about CrtV here.

We accept, however, that a validation procedure is often a part of an organisation’s SOPs. Quantics can, therefore, perform a full validation on installation of an instance of QuBAS Cloud. This results in a certificate of validation, which we send to you. The whole process only takes a few hours and requires nothing from your end.

We can also provide a self-validation guide if you want to perform the procedure yourself.

What is a single-tenant server?

Your data is completely secure and private on a QuBAS cloud server. QuBAS Cloud is hosted on single-tenant cloud servers, which means that each company accesses their own, unique instance of QuBAS Cloud.

This has numerous benefits. For one, it means each user has their own dedicated resources, meaning the software is fast and dependable at all times. Most importantly, it means there is absolutely no sharing of data between users or with Quantics.

Can I log in from home?

Remote users can easily log onto QuBAS Cloud from home via a connection to their company servers, for example by VPN. We would, in general, discourage adding home IP addresses to the IP whitelist as they are unstable and could pose a security risk.

Are all the features of QuBAS available?

QuBAS Cloud is simply a version of QuBAS hosted on a cloud server, so all of the usual tools are available to Cloud users. Whether it’s the unique flexibility of the Developer room or CrtVᵀᴹ providing 100% QC in real time, QuBAS Cloud forms same industry-leading platform as the locally-installed version.

What about Auto-Import?

Auto-Import is currently not available to use with QuBAS Cloud for data privacy reasons. We are currently developing methods for secure automation of data uploads to QuBAS Cloud–including the ability for CROs to upload data to single methods–for release very soon, so watch this space!

Can I move to a local installation of QuBAS?

Absolutely! Moving to a local installation of QuBAS is extremely easy. Just get in touch and we’ll run through the details with you!