QuBAS is designed to support all stages of the bioassay lifecycle. Whether you’re running a few assays per month or hundreds per week, there is a QuBAS package which is perfectly optimised to suit your needs.



The full package: QuBAS is designed for scientists – not just statisticians – giving you fooolproof access to the tools you need to make your assay a success. QuBAS combines all the features of QuBAS Developer with the robust GMP compliance of the Routine room, meaning it’s the ideal solution for all stages of the bioassay lifecycle.


The free version of QuBAS gives you the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Discover all of QuBAS’ powerful development features using your own data, or learn the ropes using the pre-prepared demo method.

QuBAS Now is available to use for free with no download required. Simply sign up!

QuBAS Developer

If your main focus is assay development, then QuBAS Developer is perfect for you. Combining our intuitive UI and world-leading ease-of-use with all the functionality you need to design and optimise your analysis, your next bioassay could be up and running in minutes.


Development +

Can’t get enough of QuBAS’ powerful bioassay development support? The Development + allows you to expand your development capacity, with an additional concurrent user streamlining your development process even further.

Regulatory +

The Regulatory + add-on adds another concurrent user to your arsenal, meaning you can run even more assays in QuBAS’ GMP-compliant routine room. If you’re running several GMP assays, this add-on is for you!

Feature Breakdown