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Bioanalytics / Bioassay

Quantics work with you on the design and optimisation problems of bioassay and ELISA analysis to achieve a well-characterised, reliable, precise assay with low failure rates and high throughput.


Established in 2002, we are a specialist statistical consultancy working across the life sciences. We support and expedite your product development through comprehensive and concise data analysis and interpretation.

Clinical Biostatistics

Quantics provide statistical analysis support through all clinical trial phases I-IV, including PK-PD studies, Integrated summaries of safety and efficacy analysis and reports, and regulatory submission support.

Medical Device Studies

Extensive experience of clinical trials for medical devices class I-III, including diagnostics, and wearables in all clinical areas. Quantics are experts in study design including efficient adaptive trials.

Health Technology Assessment

Statistical support for all HTA projects, using techniques from simple meta-analysis and network meta-analysis to complex population adjustment methods such as MAIC and STC.

Vaccine Development

We have extensive experience supporting Correlates of Protection, Time-to-event and Passive Transfer analysis for complex therapeutic and biodefence vaccine development programs.

GLP Compliant Analysis

Quantics is a GLP test facility accredited by the UK MHRA and provide rapid turnround GLP certified statistical analysis of toxicology and ecotoxicology studies according to OECD and other regulatory guidelines.

GMP Compliant Analysis

Quantics provide rapid turnround routine GMP statistical analysis of batch release assays and other GMP analyses.


Quantics provide virtual and onsite training designed for scientists covering both introductory and advanced statistics for bioassays. We also provide training for Network Meta Analysis use in HTA.

QuBAS - Bioanalytical / Bioassay Software

Parallel line, relative potency and Elisa type interpolation analysis, from early development to routine GMP use. QuBAS uses industry changing CrtV technology that is FDA Computer Software Assurance (CSA) ready.


Systems that automate manual import/export of data in regulatory environments. Incorporating CrtV technology – FDA Computer Software Assurance (CSA) ready.


Continuous real-time Validation is an automated approach to validation processes deployed across Quantics including QuBAS and QCBOT. Derived from safety critical systems in the aerospace industry.

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Quantics work to full regulatory compliance

Customised Service

Fast, reliable service customised to your needs

A Unique Company

A Unique Company

Unique in having ISO9001 and MHRA GLP Test Facility certification

100% Independent

Quantics can provide a completely independent service

Excellent Reporting

Presentation of results aimed at non-statistical audiences

Optimal Statistical Techniques

Optimal Statistical Techniques

Exploring and developing new approaches to difficult analysis problems

Experienced Team

Quantics employs highly experienced and qualified statistical, scientific and medical staff

365 Days

Providing a personal statistics service every day of the year

Learn about how we optimise experimental and analytical design in bioassay to help secure FDA approval



Process Support

Full process control support / trending if required

Same Day Reporting

Same day draft reporting for routine GLP & GMP statistical work

QA Report

2 days, ready for use QA report for all GLP & GMP routine work

QC Check

Guaranteed 100% QC check of every result

365 Days

Providing GLP & GMP Statistics all year round