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Quantics can work in  full  compliance with GLP, GMP, GCP, 21CFR Pt11 and ISO9001

Optimal TechniquesOptimal Techniques

Exploring and developing new approaches to complex statistical analysis problems

Experienced TeamExperienced Team

Quantics employs highly experienced and qualified statistical, scientific and medical staff

100% Independent100% Independent

Quantics provides a completely independent service

Excellent ReportingExcellent Reporting

Presentation of results aimed at non-statistical audiences

Customised ServiceCustomised Service

Fast, reliable service customised to your needs

A Unique CompanyA Unique Company

Unique in having ISO9001 and MHRA GLP Test Facility certification

365 Days365 Days

Providing a personal statistics service every day of the year

Ann Yellowlees

I wanted to provide a personal approach where science, service, quality and technical excellence were at the heart.

Our Company Values

Quantics aims to provide the best possible service to clients so that the maximum information can be gained from laboratory experiments and clinical trials. Central to this are careful planning, efficient statistical analysis, clear and concise reporting and presentation of results aimed at non-statistical audiences, combined with the highest attention to Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

To achieve these aims, Quantics employs a rapidly expanding mix of highly experienced and qualified statistical, scientific and medical staff.

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ann yellowlees

What it’s Like to Work with Quantics

“When I established Quantics in 2002 I felt that there was a need for a specialist statistical advisory and analysis service to help clients resolve complex challenges with their biological and clinical data. I wanted to provide a personal approach where science, service, quality and technical excellence were at the heart of everything I did. Several years on we have built a team of highly qualified statistical, scientific and medical experts who share my vision. I am delighted that we all maintain the same values today and our efforts have been recognised by clients who have been kind enough to share their Quantics experience” Ann Yellowlees

Our R&D

Quantics has a very active R&D department, exploring and developing new approaches to difficult analysis problems, with the aim of increasing the overall efficiency of the entire drug (or HTA) development process.

This often leads to reduced costs for clients. Efficient analysis and simulation can reduce overall drug development time by avoiding unnecessary experimental work, and reduced materials consumption.

We regularly publish in high profile peer reviewed journals and present at meetings, and when discussed with regulators, these methodological improvements have always been accepted.


Meet the Team

Quantics has a unique mix of highly qualified and experienced statistical, scientific and medical staff. This ensures that not only do we understand the scientific or medical questions being asked, design the appropriate experiments and trials, and analyse the data using the optimal statistical techniques, but we can also interpret and communicate the results back to the client.

Quantics GLP Named Operator

We have developed our GxP, ISO9001, and 21 CFR part 11 compliant Quality Management System around a risk assessment of all our processes.

Membership Schemes

Non-Membership Schemes

Quantics can work in full compliance with the principles of:

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Latest certificate

International Standards Organization (ISO9001)

Latest certificate

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

FDA 21 CFR part11

Saving You Time & Money

Quantics uses unique Diverse Self-Checking Pair (DSCP) programming drastically reducing QA and QC time at the end of your study.

A Paperless Office

Quantics is paperless and uses a biometric e-signature system in compliance with all aspects of UK and US e-signature law, registered with the FDA in accordance with FDA guidance.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quantics provides an independent QA certificate for all GLP and GMP work to satisfy all the regulatory requirements.

Clients are welcome to conduct an on-site or remote audit should they wish.

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