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Quantics can support you through the
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Quantics can help you through the complete health technology assessment submission process. We can help you to prepare publications for peer-reviewed journals or help you to use existing data to plan future trials.

Health technology assessment submission

  • We can conduct meta-analyses, network meta-analyses or survival analyses in line with specific health technology assessment agency guidelines such as the NICE Decision Support Unit Technical Support Documents, or alternatively we can work to multinational guidelines such as those produced by EUnetHTA.


  • We can prepare meta-analyses, network meta-analyses or survival analyses in line with peer-reviewed publication guidelines. For example, we can prepare meta-analyses to PRISMA guidelines or network meta-analyses to ISPOR and/or PRISMA NMA guidelines.

Planning future trials

  • We can help you to use the results of meta-analyses and network meta-analyses so that the data from the new trials can be added easily to the Health Technology Assessment.
Health Technology Assesment Pathway
“We have worked on several HTA projects with the team at Quantics, including network meta-analyses in preparation for submissions to HTA bodies such as NICE. We have had an excellent experience partnering with Quantics. They always deliver work in a timely manner, that is rigorous, appropriate and presented in a digestible format.

Thanks to the team for their insights and hard work.”

Susan EdwardsRoche

Define Your Objective


Systematic Review




Network Meta-analysis


Survival Analysis


Economic Modelling



Systematic Review

Quantics can provide systematic review services through our partnership program.

Together we can provide reviews of efficacy, safety, cost-effectiveness or health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in accordance with local health technology assessment guidelines.

We can help you to define your research question and develop a review protocol which will achieve your objectives. We can undertake literature searches to ensure all relevant studies are identified and extract the relevant data.

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Quantics can conduct meta-analyses to compare the efficacy, safety or tolerability of a pair of treatments.

We can help with meta-analyses for all types of outcomes, including binary outcomes, continuous outcomes or survival outcomes.

We can:

  • Provide advice about the best choice of methodology
  • Help to interpret results
  • Prepare figures and tables for publication in line with health technology assessment requirements or PRISMA guidelines as appropriate.
Meta Analysis
Network Meta Analysis

Network Meta-analysis

Quantics can conduct network meta-analyses to compare the efficacy, safety or tolerability of more than two treatments.

Methods for complex network meta-analyses were first published in 2004 and since then the use of network meta-analysis has increased steadily.

Network meta-analyses are now accepted as part of health technology assessments in many countries including England (NICE), France (Haute Autorité de Santé), Canada (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health) and Australia (Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee).

As well as health technology assessment submissions, network meta-analyses may be conducted to inform peer-reviewed publications or future clinical trials. Quantics can help you to ensure that your network meta-analysis is appropriate for the intended audience.

“I would like to thank you again for the great work you did for this SR & meta-analysis. This is an important achievement for Danone to get this work published in a good journal of Gastroenterology.”

Denis Guyonnet, PhDDanone Nutricia Research


Quantics can provide rapid review of meta-analyses and network meta-analyses.

We have extensive experience with assessing both peer-reviewed publications and health technology assessment submissions. In conjunction with our partners, we can appraise all aspects of meta-analyses and network meta-analyses, including the systematic review and the statistical approaches.

The quality of published network meta-analyses is highly variable. Whilst new guidelines, such as those from ISPOR and PRISMA are helpful, many published network meta-analyses fall short. Quantics can help you to answer questions such as:

  • Is the search strategy appropriate?
  • Have the data been correctly extracted from the publications?
  • Have the most appropriate statistical methods been used?
  • Are the published results reproducible?

Have the results been correctly interpreted?



In a recent review of a peer-reviewed publication Quantics identified that the use of inappropriate statistical methods lead to the conclusion that a competitor’s drug was more effective than our client’s drug. When the data were re-analysed using appropriate statistical methods, our analysis found no evidence of a difference between the treatments.

In another recent review of a peer-reviewed publication Quantics found that non-significant results had been interpreted as significant.


Survival Analysis

Quantics can provide survival analysis for economic modelling.

Economic models often require predictions of survival beyond the time frame of the pivotal clinical trial. Quantics can fit survival models and provide predictions of survival in line with health technology assessment guidelines, such as the NICE Decision Support Unit Technical Support Document on survival analysis and extrapolation.

If individual patient data are not available, it can often be approximated from published Kaplan-Meier curves. Quantics has particular expertise in survival analyses for health technology assessment submissions. We co-authored a poster on this topic for ISPOR European Congress (2013).


Economic Modelling

Quantics can provide economic modelling through our partnership program.

We can provide economic models for a range of health care interventions. We have a wealth of experience delivering economic evaluations, model adaptations, cost-of-illness studies and theoretical research for our clients. Recent projects have included pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic technologies, surgical procedures and public health interventions.

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