Our Support

Availability: Mon-Fri 08:30 – 17:30 (UK)

Email: support@quantics.co.uk or call +44 (0) 131 440 2781

Trial Version

Support availableAccessNotes
Installation (normal installation time < 20 minutes).Up to 2 hours IT support to help with installation issues.Via phone, email or web link as required.User may need to allow Quantics IT services remote access to computer.
Normally within 24 hours.
User issues1 hour introductory webinar per trial install. Access to FAQ and Forum on the websiteRequest by email.Provided at agreed time.
Email requests for help.PW supplied.
Fair use.

Valid License

The total support usage will be accumulated to the license, no matter which individual user contacts Quantics.

User licenses will be combined for this purpose, i.e. for a QuBAS license with 2 Explore and 3 Routine users fair use would be ~ 5 hours per year.

Support AvailableAccessNotes
Technical issuesUnlimited but subject to fair use policy.Email or via website.Response within 24 hrs, usually much less.
User issues.Fair use policy. Approximate maximum use 1 hour per year/ concurrent user license.Email or contact via website.Response within 24 hrs, usually much less.
Unlimited access to User forum and FAQ site.Password protected.The forum is monitored daily, and Quantics will respond to questions when appropriate.
Bugs and errors found in QuBAS.Unlimited support. Response within 24 hrs of notification.Should be reported via the built in feedback system unless causing an assay problem in which case email.All feedback will be reviewed and issues resolved, either by issue of an unscheduled minor upgrade, or held to the next planned release.

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

Quantics is committed to providing high-quality, long-term support to all QuBAS users. To ensure that all our customers can experience an even share of support, when necessary, the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) indicates that Quantics will provide support to customers within appropriate reason.

All support for QuBAS is subject to our fair use policy.



Why is FUP needed?

Without a FUP, there are no limits in place. This causes a hindrance to both Quantics’ support as well as to customers as fair share of support is not evenly distributed. By implementing a FUP, resources at Quantics can be used to maximum efficiency and benefit customers.



What is the difference between standard support and priority support?

For a customer who has bought/renewed QuBAS, standard support covers the installation process and specific technical and user support as shown below. Support refers to the amount of work spent to help the issue raised and includes time for telephone calls (TC), emails, programming, etc.

Priority support refers to client-specific support which are additional to the provided support and/or are not in the typical scope of QuBAS support. Hence, there is a charge to value the extra time spent.



What are the limits within our FUP?

The table below references the support per license that is bought. E.g. 1 Routine and 1 Explore license equates to 2 licenses.



Standard (Free) Support



Priority Support (£1,000 per system*)






Technical Support



Technical Issues connected with the installation

  • Technical issues that arise because of QuBAS
  • Technical issues that arise from the installation environment changing due to operating system upgrades, etc.


Yes, subject to fair use (~5 hours)Yes

Help with re-locating an installation from the initial location to another server



New version download and upgrade support


Older version technical support

Current version and previous ‘z.’ version.


Subject to fair use (~4 hours)

Current and previous ‘y.’ versions

Versions are numbered x.y.z

X are major versions, y are minor upgrades and z are bug fixes.

E.g. Standard support is within 2.2.1 and 2.2.0. Whereas priority support includes 2.2.z and 2.1.z.


Response Times


1 day3 hours (within UK office hours)

Individual User Support


Fair use (~3 hours) within 1 month of installationYes, subject to fair useE.g. “How do I do…?” and “Why can’t I see…?”

Statistical Support


NoneYes, subject to fair useE.g. “Why is my assay failing parallelism?” or “Which suitability criteria should I use?”



Demonstration online (1 hr x 2)Talk through as you use it on line (max 3 hours) and training videos

If there is any confusion or uncertainty, Quantics will have the final say.



What about bugs and error issues, will this take up my provided support?

Bugs within the software are subject to arise when associating with third-party sources. These are challenging to identify initially, but all feedback will be reviewed, and issues resolved, either by issue of an unscheduled minor upgrade, or held to the next planned release.

In the case that an error is reported and found to have been a bug, the provided support allocated will be restored.


Customers who demonstrate poor respect and understanding of the FUP will receive delayed responses and may be suggested to instead have a support consultancy contract with Quantics.