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Quantics Biostatistics is always open to exceptional people to join our international team of mathematicians, statisticians and programmers.

We are much more than statisticians and are engaged in a variety of client facing activities to help solve real lifescience challenges, so we are always on the lookout for the best staff. If you have very strong mathematical, statistical or programming skills with a PhD or MSc in a related subject, we would love to hear from you. We will be sure to get back to you if we have any opportunities and are always happy to keep details on file if you are the right kind of candidate.

Slide Powerful thinking is at the heart of what we do at Quantics.

If you think you're up to the challenge, get in touch today:
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Whether you're an early bird, a night owl, or juggling family responsibilities - Quantics will accommodate your mode of working. We encourage everyone to overlap with each other during the working day but we are flexible and happy to work around people’s other priorities.


Quantics offers a generous workplace pension scheme. Quantics will contribute 5%, in addition to every 3% you contribute yourself, with the option for you to contribute more through AVCs, if you'd like.


In addition to our flexible working hours, we actively support a healthy work-life balance.  With regards to home working, whilst we encourage a return to the office, we are happy to accommodate a more blended approach that works with employees' lifestyle.


To support our employees' work-life balance, we offer 40 days holiday including bank holidays but the flexibility to trade up to 2 weeks for additional salary if you'd prefer.


Our weekly games nights are an excellent chance to get to know your new colleagues. Even if tabletop games aren't your thing, the company provided drinks are worth hanging around for!


Once a week, employees can enjoy a catered lunch from a variety of local caterers, restaurants and eateries. In the past, these have included Bross Bagels and Bonnie Burrito.


Quantics is and always has been a small organisation that values collaboration and teamwork. With our flat team structure, employees have the opportunity to shape the organisation and work with people from a range of disciplines.


At Quantics, we'll always take care of your caffeine fix with our top of the line, bean to cup coffee machine. The coffee, biscuits and fruit snacks are on us!


Two days at Quantics are never the same! As a result of the huge variety of consultancy work we take on, every project is different and all of our statisticians and programmers have expanded their skillsets and knowledge base since joining the company.


We are based in Edinburgh, regularly voted as the most liveable city in the UK.  Our ‘Grade A’ offices in the West End have excellent views of Edinburgh Castle and are within close walking distance to the city centre.

Despite being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a relatively small city, with many of the sights being readily accessible by foot, or a short bus/tram ride. A stroll through the Old Town is a must, as its character is what draws many to the city.



As of August 2021, Quantics is an employee owned company, for our clients, this means that everyone working at Quantics is fully invested in our client projects. The company is and will remain independent so our clients can be confident that they will always receive a personalised service. 

For our employees, this means that everyone working at Quantics for 6 months or more, will see a direct reward for their hard work. These bonuses are even tax-free under a threshold. Employee ownership also means that employees have a say and an active role in shaping the organisation.  

To find our more about our transition to employee ownership, you can see he following article from the Herald: