Unique to QuBAS

One of our most common questions from those that are new to QuBAS is; what’s different about it?

So we’ve summarised it for you below…

What’s Different?What this meansHow This Helps
Location and accessQuBAS runs on your company server as a local website on the internal network and is accessed via a standard browser. No local computer installation or QA is required.
  • Work where and when you want. Use any PC or laptop that can access the corporate network - your office, laboratory, home, even airports, hotels and trains.
No installation or upgrade validation or QAContinuous real time Validation (CrtV) makes installation and upgrade validation process redundant.
  • No IT / QA bottleneck when installing or upgrading the system
  • No administrative burden (validation plans, records, schedules etc).
  • Free up IT and QA resources
Minimal study level QA and no study level QC requiredCrtV ensures every report is automatically
  • 100% validated
  • 100% QC check of results,
  • 100% QA check of pdf report,
  • 100% QA check of audit trail completeness

Full CrtV report and audit trail included in pdf statistical report
  • Save hours of QA time on every report
  • - No QC required
    - Minimal report QA
  • Fast throughput
  • Avoid QA or statistical review bottlenecks
  • Reports are regulatory ready (Inc. CFR21 part 11)
Fully backward compatibleNew QuBAS versions will run old data sets and produce the same results, even across major upgrades.
  • Upgrade with the confidence that all old data will provide identical results
  • Automatically check old data sets with DSCP comparison of new and original results.
  • Get latest functionality right away
  • Get latest security and compatibility with operating system changes
  • No requirement to keep old versions (or hardware)
Explore modeSave all relevant development steps and analyses in a development record
  • Easily return to a previous method configuration
  • Use Development record as part of your regulatory submission
  • Explore impact of analysis options and system and sample suitability criteria
  • Use exploratory analysis to inform SSC (coming soon)
Routine modeFully locked down the method with NO user options
  • Minimal training required to run a full GLP/GMP ready analysis.
  • Free up highly qualified staff from routine jobs
No extra costsFully locked down the method with NO user options. Everything is included with QuBAS with just two simple concurrent user license options, Explore and Routine, and pay per analysis tokens for fully automatic mode below.
  • Validation package is not required (CrtV)
  • Input modules are included
  • Upgrades (major and minor) are all included
  • Help and support is included
  • Training required is minimal and is provided online by video tutorials and individual web meeting
  • Easy cost benefit analysis
  • Admin and audit use does not require a license
Fully automated analysisSet QuBAS to watch a specified network file location, and automatically upload and run any file that is saved there.
  • Automatic routine analysis becomes a simple process of Exporting data from plate reader
  • Download submission ready GLP / GMP report from QuBAS
  • No manual input required (or possible)
  • No potential for data manipulation prior to import
User interfaceTypicalweb “app” feel and look with drag and drop functionality. Simple step by step work flow with default “sensible” options for statistics.
  • Intuitive to use
  • Very quick to learn and deploy
  • Minimal training requirement
Data inputFlexible text based import functionality.
  • Easy data importing with direct input of .csv and .txt files, Softmax pro V6 and multi plate files
  • Data File Template allows wide range of input formats so you can import from almost any plate reader
Metadata inputUnlimited and customisable meta data can be imported direct from the data file or entered by the user.
  • Add meta data about anything that is relevant to the assay o EG: assay ID, passage number, critical reagent batch
  • Trend any metadata against results (available Q42017)
Statistical SupportThe experience of Quantics Biostatistics in an app
  • A leading authority on statistics for Life Sciences
  • Specialising in bioassay since 2002
  • Consultancy services available for advice on complex issues if required
  • Confidence that the statistics are 100% robust